CHOC Walk in the Park

It’s my 8th year participating in the annual CHOC Walk in the Park. The CHOC Walk draws approximately 16,000 walkers and raises around two million dollars every year for the care, education, and services of children.

Why do I participate every year?
I started volunteering at CHOC back in college. My dance group performed for the children in hopes of making them smile and laugh (it worked!). After college, my company was involved with CHOC and Children’s Miracle Network. I took on a leadership position through a CHOC advisory board and learned more about this incredible hospital and how they care for the littlest of patients. I’ll always remember my tour through NICU. The babies were so tiny! Here’s a photo of a blood pressure cuff used to take a preemie’s blood pressure.CHOC
Even on an early morning in October, people are energized and smiling; eager to walk through Disneyland and California Adventure. There’s excitement in the air and a great sense of community. Some people are holding signs and wearing t-shirts thanking CHOC doctors and nurses and others are holding messages with “cancer free” and the little kid is walking with his/her group. That is awesome to see! However, there are groups holding up sad signs in honor of a child that lost the battle. Amidst the smiles of the morning, I can’t help but shed a few tears when I see these. This feeling has never gone away and keeps me walking every year. Even if I have a rough day, I know there is a child at CHOC that needs my prayers and must fight to make it to tomorrow.

With your support, CHOC Children’s can continue to provide healthcare and services to our community’s children. Please donate any amount to my CHOC Walk in the Park page. Skip your Starbucks run and donate $5 today! You’ll be pleased to know that your gift will make a difference in the life of a child. Thank you for your support!