TEDx at Chapman University


I attended a TEDx event this past week at Chapman University in Orange, CA. What an amazing day filled with talented presenters. The theme was Icons, Geniuses, & Mavericks. I was first exposed to TED talks at the beginning of business school and have been a fan since. TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design and has been around since 1984 with the slogan “Ideas worth spreading.” The added “x” means an independently organized event. TED talks consist of short messages (around 18 minutes) about innovative ideas or research findings presented in a story-like fashion on a stage in front of an audience. TED events take place globally and attract experts and well-known individuals including Bill Clinton and Bill Gates. I even have the TED app on my phone, which I recommend you download immediately. =) Like so many people, I’m drawn to these messages because I think there is always something new to learn and listening to a person full of passion on a particular topic is uplifting. To see the complete list of presenters at the Chapman event, visit this link.

Here are highlights I’d like to share with you:

  • Rebrand failure in your mind. You are never done, be a perfectionist.
  • Teach students Science, Technology, Engineering, Math. Acronym is STEM and this is the future.
  • Friction is where the money is. Curation is good friction and promotes healthy competition.
  • Creativity changes the way business operates. Zig when competition is zagging.
  • Digital is the new 6th sense and a mobile phone is the medium. By 2020 50 billion devices will generate more data in one day than the past 100 years.
  • The global stage leads to global competition.
  • Change your lens and change your view of happiness.
  • Absence of disease does not equal health. Obtain good health through everyday living.
  • Our society has perfected the art of not feeling feelings. Give yourself space to feel feelings by disconnecting from online obsession.
  • Be adaptive and agile. Know the signals to make changes for the success of your organization.
  • Normal is merely average.

977893_344037392365364_1218919868_oGwynne Shotwel, President & COO of SpaceX. Photo credit: TEDxChapmanU Facebook page. See more photos here.

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